About us


“The Doggie Place”

The Center sets itself apart from the other area facilities by offering customized services which include more attention to individual dogs, Oakley Kennelspecial feeding and administering prescribed medication -AT NO EXTRA CHARGE- than available at other facilities. While boarding, dogs are walked during the day. Free run time in a safe, fenced area is provided every two hours depending on how many other dogs we have. Once in the play yard they will be able to stay out for at least an hour, sometimes more. Supervised play with other dogs is available upon request and at the kennel’s discretion.
Scared and lonely pets are comforted and given special attention. We also provide special care when required. We care about your family pet like they were our own and will provide them with the attention they deserve!

Guest Care

Our doggie condo’s are spacious and will provide a nice relaxing time for your family pet. Each condo is 6 x 6 with a hammock for your dog’s bed. We do not crate the dogs at night unless you specifically ask for it. Each condo is separated on the inside by a solid wall so that your dog is undisturbed by its neighbors. As we feel your pet should have the room to roam as they want we do not crate them at night unless requested by owners.
For your pet’s added comfort we ask that you bring his or her bed or something with you’re scent on it so he or she knows you are coming back. And maybe a couple of favorite toys to play with in the condo.
Antioch KennelWe feed our guests 2 times a day in the AM and PM. Currently at the kennel we feed Pedigree dry kibble. However, if you prefer a different food, we ask that you bring it along so your pet will not have a change in diet which could cause an upset stomach.  If you have special feeding instructions, please ensure they are written down so we can follow and monitor your pet.   Soft music is played in the kennel 24 hours a day.  Cookies, snacks and other goodies are provided at no cost to you. We use Milkbone biscuits and greenie bones. We also give chew sticks.  If your pet requires medication there is no additional charge. We would be happy to take care of this for you during his or her stay with us.


Our friendly staff will do everything to make your dogs feel happy.

                               Come visit us and see for yourself.