• We strive to create a home-like atmosphere for your family members to stay in while visiting.
  • Our main concern is to make your family member feel like they are also on vacation.
  • We want them to stay as stress free as possible by changing their routine as little as possible and make sure they are comfortable happy, have a healthy and safe experience.
  • We do not crate at night unless you specifically ask for it. As the condo’s are 6×12 separated on the inside by a solid wall so everyone is undisturbed by neighbors.
  • Your family member will not be just left in their condo every day. They will be rotated out into the play yard many times during the day and be provided the same services as our Day Care group.

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Special need Members

  • Special needs are our specialty. If they require a special diet [bring the food] or feeding times just let us know.
  • Medication is administered at no extra charge.
  • We will monitor them closely to ensure no problems arise.