Dog Training

While growing up, I had the distinct and fortunate opportunity of having a father that was a professional canine trainer and handler.  Due to this opportunity, I was able to assist and be an integral part of my father’s canine training program with both service canines and non-service canines.

While participating in these trainings, I gained valuable experience at a very young age and I developed a passion for dogs and canine training.  I was exposed to different canine breeds in different stages of maturity.  A majority of these dogs were from rescue organizations.

Upon graduation from high school, I joined the United States Air Force and continued to work with military service canines both in the United States and while deployed overseas.  On my spare time, I assisted my fellow soldiers with their personal dogs in the areas of basic obedience and behavioral correction.

After my tour in the military, I became a police officer in east Contra Costa County.  During my career as a police officer, I was given the opportunity to become a canine officer. This allowed me the opportunity of a lifetime to really embrace my passion, gain real expertise and put my years of developing dog training into use, while working with my police service dog.  I dove head first into this discipline & lifestyle and dedicated countless hours of training.  I certified multiple law enforcement canine teams for different agencies during my tenure, while developing training for several canine teams.

Following my retirement as a police officer in 2012, I began training personal dogs again.  I specialize in the following dog training techniques:

  • Positive reinforcement based  standard dog obedience (both on and off leash)
  • Behavioral corrections (for example, getting into the trash, rude leash, & walking behavior, etc)

Some of my recent work has involved training and preparing dogs for adoption with the Golden State German Sheppard Rescue.    My goal is not only to train the dog and owner/ handler, but to send them home with the necessary skills for this life long relationship.

Joshua Moore – Moore’s Dog Training