Q. Can we see the accommodations?
A. Of course! We are very proud of our facility and its cleanliness. You are welcome to drop by anytime just give us a call at (925) 679-1081, (925) 872-4880, or (925) 206-9928.

Q. I have never left my pet at a boarding kennel. What should I know?
A. We are part of the service industry and therefore you should expect your pet will be given love, security, and attention during his/her stay with us. It is normal to be worried about leaving your family member some place. If you have a special request please make sure to ask.

Q. What vaccinations do my pets need?
A. We require proof of vaccination from your Vet. They must be current on DHLPP, Rabies and Bortadella. Bortadella should be giving every 6 months.

Q. Can you give medications?
We can give medications at no extra charge.
Q. Can I bring my own food?
A. Yes, in fact we ask that you do if your pet is eating something other than Pedigree or Eukanuba. We don’t want them to have upset stomachs.

Q. Can I bring treats and toys?
A. Yes, if you would like. We provide milk bone treats during the day and at evening bed time. We encourage you to bring your pet has a favor toy(s) to keep with him/her in their kennel run.

Q. Can I bring bedding?
A. Please do, as we provide beds for you pet his/her normal bedding would make the transition easier and more comfortable. This also lets them know they are not just being left somewhere.

Q. My pet sometimes gets sick after being boarded. What is the cause and how can I prevent this?
A. Your pet will get very excited upon arrival or departing the kennel. Some dogs will get an upset stomach. It is very important not to feed your dog right away upon his/her return home. Allow at least an hour for them to settle in.

Q. Have more questions?
A. Feel free to ask Carol. Use our contact form and send us an email.